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Martin Cook

Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals

List of Chapters

  • 276 Essex
  • 650 Star in the East
  • 2063 Coronation
  • 2184 Victorian
  • 2442 St Clements
  • 2508 Thomas Ralling
  • 2734 Harlow
  • 2749 Seven Kings
  • 3394 Undine
  • 3859 Vigilance
  • 3907 Chapter of Old Friendship
  • 4220 Wickford
  • 4506 Cambridge Heath
  • 4640 Hutton
  • 4708 Leigh on Sea
  • 4709 Old Parkonians
  • 4896 Prittlewell
  • 4960 Herongate
  • 5403 Old Southendian
  • 5169 Grey Friars
  • 5217 Stanford le Hope
  • 5705 Royal Forest
  • 5753 Chapter of Amity
  • 6738 Chalkwell
  • 6994 Thames Mouth
  • 7674 Remembrance
  • 8626 Drayton Standard
  • 9133 St Helen & St Giles
  • 9788 Upminster Daylight

About Martin

Martin was born in 1949. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1970 and, apart from a short spell working abroad, spent his professional career in Public Practice, initially in a partnership and latterly as a Sole Practitioner, retiring in 2016.

He is a Freeman of the City of London and a members of the Poulters Livery Company. He plays the piano and, less well, the organ, and enjoys all types of music. His main sporting activity is now tennis but, when younger, squash was his preferred option. He has been married to Helen for 49 years and has one son, Stephen, whom he initiated into Freemasonry in 2013.

He was initiated into the Royal Victorian Jubilee Lodge No. 2184 in 1973, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, the former subsequently installing him into the Chair in 1982. He is currently also a member of Beeleigh Abbey Lodge 7017 and North Essex Masters’ Lodge 9831. He holds the rank of PPJGW.

He was exalted into the Victorian Chapter 2184 in 1983. He is currently also a member of Plume Chapter 1024, Essex Provincial Grand Stewards’ Chapter 8665, Essex First Principals’ Chapter 3256 and Venturer Chapter 7897. He holds the rank of PAGDC.

Marting was the founding Treasurer of the Lodge of Daily Advancement 9979
Martin Cook

Things I Enjoy

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Favourite Colour
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Hobby / Leisure
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